Why Another Technology in Ministry Blog?


I’ve been blogging sermons and theology blogs for years but have kept my geeky, ‘tech’ side as verbal conversations in a digital world. So I’m finally getting around to sharing ideas, best practices, and tools to be used throughout the various sides of practicing ministry.

Some of the blogs to look forward this year:

  • Sermons Facetime-Style
  • Contact connection is Constant
  • The Phone Call is still a Smart Feature
  • Printing the Newsletter
  • Actually Sharing Documents
  • The Risk of Deleting Data
  • Wonders of WordPress
  • Facing the Realities of Facebook
  • Spread it Thick: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and More?
  • The Back Side of Caring for the Data, is Care for the Community


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The Crew: Susanna: Fellowship, Stanford, Genetic Biology, Palo Alto, CA; Duke University 2020 Luke: Student, USAF, Scott AFB Frances Brantley: Student, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN; Daughter and Sister Wendy Williams Brantley: Hook Marketing, CEO; Mom and Wife John Brantley: Clergy, UMC Elder at Rock Spring UMC, oikos:itsahouseholdword, CIO of Hook Marketing. King of Kotimme.com [Clergy, Author, Writer, Seeker and Poet]

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